Connecting All Beings In Oneness

About the Authors. . .

Judy Carroll has been an experiencer of

ET contact since her birth in 1952. She is a Tai Chi instructor and Reiki teacher, whose many years of encounters with the off-planet Visitors known as Greys, or Zetas, has given her deep insight into the field of ET/Human Contact. At 30 years of age she had a fully conscious daytime encounter in which she recognized the Visitors as “family”. In 1995, during a profound encounter at a sacred site in England, the ETs asked her to start writing books about contact from the extraterrestrial perspective. In 2000 she helped a family through their ET contact experiences, and the mother, Helene Kaye, is the co-author of The Zeta Message. 


See also: http://www.ufogreyinfo.com/aboutjudy.htm


Helene Kaye is a Reiki therapist and teacher/master whose family became the focus of profound, full-on contact with off-planet Visitors in the year 2000. The “activity” was first centred around the 2 children of the family, with 7-year-old son Ben experiencing strange trance-like states, sometimes 2 or 3 times a week, in which he would interact with a “presence” in his room which caused him extreme fear. His elder sister, Kira, aged 12, also experienced contact which initially involved fear until during a Reiki treatment given by her mother, she was able to make fully conscious contact with an ET teacher who told her his name was Oris. Helene has now had a number of conscious contacts herself, and uses her own personal understanding and experience, as well as Reiki, to assist others going through this often misunderstood phenomenon. 


See also: http://www.ufogreyinfo.com/abouthelene.htm