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Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: A Lesson in History

EXCERPTS FROM:  Extraterrestrial presence on Earth: A Lesson in History


Volumes have been written on the development of the human race on Earth, often with glimmers of truth buried beneath many layers of confusion, misinterpretation and disinformation. Walter Benjamin once wrote, "History is written by the victor." In other words, modern-day researchers are only able to access one side of the story and that side is most likely biased, embellished, and therefore not necessarily accurate.

Added to this is the problem that once we start talking ancient history and quoting scriptures and texts dealing with it, like the Bible, things get even more complex and confused. The Grey Elders have taught us to look at everything on three levels, and this is a vital point that is often missed.

Unfortunately here on Earth many translators of ancient texts have not done this, but instead have fallen into the trap of introducing elements of their own mind-set into their interpretation, thereby obscuring the original meaning.


For example, Mark D. Siljander, author of “A Deadly Misunderstanding: A Congressman’s Quest to Bridge the Muslim – Christian Divide” is a linguist who read the Qur’an, or Koran, in Arabic, the language in which it was written. He also read the New Testament in Aramaic, and learned that nearly all the misunderstandings between Muslims and Christians are due to the Greek and then English texts that distort the original meanings. Siljander spends most of his time in constructive debate with Muslim and Christian clerics and scholars. (Reference taken from page 145 of Paul Hellyer’s* book, Light At the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species) © 2010 Paul Hellyer. 

*Paul Hellyer is an ex-Defense Minister of Canada. 


The history of Earth and the development of the Earth human species are very complex, and numerous writers and scholars have proposed numerous scenarios. The problem is that such complexity can be manipulated by mixing a little truth with lots of fiction or surmises to cause confusion in peoples’ minds. In today's terms, this process is called "fake news."


A typical example is the concept of man being created in the image of God. Many Christians on Earth have been led to believe that only Earth humans have been created physically in the image of God. They then take this misconception further by claiming that Earth human form must therefore be the most perfect and God-like form in the universe, and if other off-planet beings such as the Zetas and many other strange-looking human-like beings do exist, then they must be either angels or demons, because they don’t look human in the Earth sense of the word. Or else they believe they are at the peak of creation on Earth and all other Earth life forms should be controlled, which has caused our ecosystems to become off-balance. This view is a totally incorrect assumption that has grown out of a badly misunderstood and misinterpreted truth.


Human form throughout the universe always follows the same basic pattern of walking upright on two legs, having two arms, and a head, but there are many variations, depending upon which animal species a particular human planetary culture has evolved out of. Today’s Earth humans were developed from a primate species, which is evident if you look at the skeletons of earlier humans. Human life on other planets also shares certain similarities with the animal form out of which they’ve evolved – for example the Zetas originated from insectoid stock, and they still retain the thin body and in some cases the chitinous exo-skeleton and compound eye structure of some insect species. There are human types on some planets with cat-like features like eyes with vertical pupils, and others who are winged like birds, or possess the gills of fishes or webbed toes and fingers of amphibians. Ho0wever primitive many of these other non-primate humans may appear, they are way ahead of Earth humans on the evolutionary Ladder. 


“God” is not a physical being but rather an omnipresent and omniscient Energy/Consciousness referred to by higher ET and inter-dimensional cultures as Source, Oneness or The Forever. Humans of Earth have created both God and the “angels” in their own image. God is not an old bearded man sitting up on a cloud doing the work of creation but rather an Energy Source that just “is,” who could be likened to an all-powerful sun at the very center of the universe whose rays penetrate and give life to the whole system. God does not “do” – God just “is,” and the Creator Beings, of which I’ll also speak in connection with Earth’s history, are able to consciously tap into this omnipresent and omniscient energy source in order to carry out the process of “doing,” which is the creation, development and evolution of all life-forms throughout this universe.


There are no negative ETs currently visiting Earth to cause trouble – they have been here all along, since Planet Earth was “hijacked” many millennia ago. The ETs coming here now are not invaders, but rather a “rescue party” who are attempting to free humanity from this ongoing interference that has continued over the span of millennia. There is, however, major interference coming from Earth’s own astral plane, which does contain some very negative energies and “thought forms” created out of all the vices, fears, superstitions and war-like tendencies of humankind on Earth.



The astral plane is composed entirely of the collective consciousness of Earth plane humanity, along with myriad thought forms, both positive and negative, that have been created through all the many belief systems of Earth. Because of the huge amount of disinformation that has been force-fed to Earth humans over the millennia, and the huge amount of negativity that Earth humans have projected out, the astral plane is quite chaotic, with many conflicting thought forms. Hence the confusion on what is truth and what is fiction – what is real and what is not real. Like attracts like where energy is concerned, so the more fear that is built up in people’s minds, the more negative, fear-oriented thought forms will be attracted back into their energy fields. In other words, the more fearful and/or superstitious you are, the more you will attract fear-oriented astral thought forms to you, which can sometimes be mistaken for negative ET contact.


Since the publication of my first two books I have received communication from all over the world, from which it is clear that there is a very high level of astral plane interference on Earth. This interference is often mistaken for ET contact, because encounters with genuine ETs can potentially attract astral phenomena as well.


A point often raised is, because negative and positive exist on Earth, the same must apply throughout the cosmos, but this is not necessarily correct. On higher planes of reality less duality exists. Negative and positive work together in Oneness, so there is less separation/polarity but more power. It’s the divisiveness and duality of Earth plane humanity that causes disempowerment.



Researchers on Earth think of the Greys and Zetas as being all one race, which is not correct. The Zeta Reticulan culture is actually composed of a number of different planetary groups who reside in the Zeta Reticuli star system, as well as Zeta-type beings living on other planets outside of the system. Even within the Reticulan system, there are around 30 different cultures, and some are more highly evolved than others. 


Some researchers on Earth claim that the Greys operate through a “hive mentality,” with no free will, but a better description of their consciousness would be “collective.” I know this because I have clear conscious recall of life as a Grey working up on the ship. It’s true that we don’t operate through free will because once an entity reaches higher levels of the Human Ladder they begin operating through God’s Will. At this level one thinks more in terms of Oneness, so people are much more homogenized and amalgamated as a Group Soul Consciousness. Energy is always directed for the good of all, whereas Earth humans tend to be segregated, competitive and divided, and more self-centered, hence all the racial and religious tension that goes on down here.


Insectoid humans generally use telepathy among themselves, and also in communicating with other species, but they cannot talk as Earth humans do, ecause their vocal cords are rudimentary and have been adapted out for the most part because it is not needed with telepathy. Some still do make chirping or whistling sounds similar to crickets or the clicking sound of dolphins. Earth humans often can’t pick up on telepathic communication, especially if they’re in a state of fear, so the Zetas and Greys have great difficulty communicating with them during contact experiences.


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