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Judy Carroll's official website


Judy Carroll is also the author of "The Zeta Message, connecting all beings in Oneness and Human by Day, Zeta by Night. For more information about these books and teachings by the Zeta Greys, visit this site.


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A Handful of Seeds by Helen M. Downs


Introducing readers to wider dimensions within our own grasp! This is a book that is very simple, easy to read and offers a quick but effective orientation to matters of Energy and Spirit, for those who have not really looked at these subjects and would like to gain some understanding and perspectives quickly. Find this book and more at this Creative Devotions website link. Recommended as a great gift for that friend!

Brett Parrott's Crop Circle Page



For more about crop circles check out Brett Parrott's page!



Sacred Encounters

Doctor Janet Colli is a clinical psychologist and (among a comprehensive list of transpersonal skills and abilities) she is the author of a fantastic book entitled Sacred Encountersand deals with the Consciousness side of ET Contact. Her site has valuable information and help on aspects of healing, consciousness and shamanism

Paths to Contact - Jeff Becker

ABOUT the Book Project
by Jeff Becker


This is the concept: A collection of autobiographical sketches by people with CE-5 experience discussing how they were motivated to make contact, how they learned to do it, some of their more amazing experiences, and how all of this has affected them. I want these autobiographical sketches to explore the human side of contact and to impress upon the reader that all sorts of ordinary folks are doing this, so maybe they can too. The point is not to "prove" that these are valid sightings. It will be more like a collection of "Hidden Truth" type stories from many points of view. The reason for making this a joint effort is the same reason as bringing together many witnesses for the Disclosure Project. Together, we can make a powerful statement. My goal is to make the NY Times best seller list.


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